The features at a glance

See for yourself at a glance everything of which H2O-Floor is capable of, how durable it is, and the many possible uses it has.

Utilization class 33 AC5 (EN 13329)

Extremely robust: With an AC5 durability rating, H2O Floor withstands the demands of everyday life and more.


H2O-Floor has beveled edges, which ensures an especially authentic appearance.


Der H2O-Floor does not build up a static electrical charge in case of friction, unlike, for example, many types of vinyl flooring. Unwanted electrical shocks are avoided.


The antibacterial comfortTested bacteria: Staphylococcus aureus. surface gives bacteria no chance to grow. With periodic cleaning, you and your family can enjoy everyday life without a care.


Its non-fade properties (rated at 6, the top of the blue wool scale) makes H2O-Floor ideally suited for rooms exposed to intense light, for example, conservatories or rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows.

Microscratch Protect

The robust surface protects H2O-Floor against microscratches that can be caused by strong mechanical stresses such as moving furniture, falling objects or the claws of house pets.

Pet Proof

Thanks to its antibacterial Microscratch Protect surface, which is also undaunted by small mishaps, H2O-Floor is exceptionally well-suited for life with house pets.

1clic 2go pure

H2O-Floor can be installed in no time at all with the innovative 1clic 2go pure installation system, which requires no plastic insert strips.

Organic Rigid Board

The core of our H2O-Floor is produced in an organicConsists of natural wood and an organic chemical binder. and eco-friendly manner using timber from sustainably managed forests.